College Timings

• The Institute will begin the classes of MBA - I & MBA - II from 10.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
• Institutes Office & Library will remain open till 5.00 p.m. respectively.
• Though the Cafeteria is available, the students are advised to bring their own tiffin.

Dress Code

• Black Trousers, Formal Full Sleeves Cream Shirt & Black Blazer with Fluorescent Slaty Tai.
• Black Shoes with lase & white shocks.

Curriculum for two year M.B.A. Course

Semester -I Semester -II
Course Code Subject Name Course Code Subject Name
C-11 Principles of Management C-21 Marketing Management
C-12 Managerial Economics C-22 Financial Management
C-13 Financial Accounting C-23 Human Resource Management
C-14 Environment Management C-24 Operation Management
C-15 Quantitative Techniques C-25 Research Methodology
C-16 Business Legislation C-26 Organisational Behaviour
E-17 Communication Skills -I C-27 Business Environment
E-17 Foreign Language C-28 Cost & Management Accounting
E-18 Computers for Managers E-29 Proficiency Management
E-18 Field Study E-29 Taxation
  E-20 Operation Research
E-20 Business Ethics
Semester -III Semester -IV
Course Code Subject Name Course Code Subject Name
C-31 Strategic Management SP-I-3 Specialisation-I-3
C-32 International Business SP-I-4 Specialisation-I-4
C-33 Entrepreneurship Development SP-II-3 Specialisation-II-3
C-34 Summer Internship Project PR Project
E-35 Communication Skills -II  
E-35 Family Business Management
E-36 Field Project/Business Plan
E-36 Aptitude Development
SP-I-1 Specialisation-I-1
SP-I-2 Specialisation-I-2
SP-II-1 Specialisation-II-1
SP-II-2 Specialisation-II-2

Note : Two Soft core course are to be selected: one each from E-17 & E-18 for Semester I,
from E-29 & E-20, for Semester II, from E-35 & E-36 for Semester III respectively.