Learning Culture

•" You can Teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.“
•The learning culture of Kirsan's Mission Institute of Management is not monotonous or cumbersome. It is a mixture of lectures, discussions, presentations, case studies, role plays. Fun club & industrial visit.
•Lectures & discussions play a major role in the teaching process. The presentations done by teachers as well as students help in clarifying the ideas taught in the classrooms & at the same time increase the confidence the & communication skills of the student.

Our Teaching Pedagogy

Classroom Lecture

Faculty use various formal & informal platforms to orient the student towards MBA.


Student work in a group of two or three on presentation on chosen topic from the university syllabus.

Role Plays

Role Play is modern & practical method of learning which helps the student to aware about the practical life


Assignment are given to the student so that they will able to use their own creativity & knowledge

Simulation & Games

With varying frequency, some faculty members have been making use of techniques such as college-making, classroom quiz & games to cover topics to the syllabus.

Concept Application Exercises

The case-based concept mapping to the application exercises of a team-based learning model, increased student engagement and the perception of improved knowledge and understanding.

Group Discussions

Faculty in different subjects have been regularly throwing open session for discussion of syllabus topics as well as current event.

Case Studies

At least two or three session each week are devoted to case studies in all subjects that lend themselves to this modern practical method of learning.