Rules & Regulation

Following Rules of the Institute are framed by the committee, specially constituted for the purpose and these Rules have the Approval Of the Director. All the students are

Class attendance is compulsory for all students. The student with the short of attendance will not be eligible for institute and University exam.
All academic activities like Seminars, guest lectures, group discussions, project work, home assignments, are necessary components of the curriculum. The attendance & Participation of each student will be reviewed by the teaching faculty, time to time for assessing each student for his/her performance.
All students of the Institutes are to wear the Identity card issued by the Institute, when they are in the premises & also while attending classes.
Students are not to loiter around aimlessly, and create disturbance by talking loudly in the main verandah & porch of the Institutions, when classes are in progress.
Students should not do anything either within or outside the Institutions that will in any way interfere with Institute's orderly administration & disciplines.
Students must take care of the Institute's property , especially the classroom furniture & fittings, toilets and also maintain it properly. If any damage to the property is caused by the students, the cost of the damage will be recovered from student concerned.
Conference Hall is to be used for academic purpose only. Students must ensure that it is cleaned before and after the function. Activities other than academics are not permitted in the conference hall.
In the name of the Institution, no association/organisation be formed no collection be made ,no function be arranged, no person to be invited to address the students, no social functions be arranged, not anything printed, or circulate or communicate any matter dealing with administration to press; without the prior permission of the Director.
All students are to submit six colour photographs of the dimensions - 31/2 cm * 21/2 cm to the administrative office, at the time of admission.
Students are to keep their vehicles parked at the appropriate parking place, properly locked for the safety of the vehicles.
Students should in their own interest read the notices displayed on the notice boards from time to time.
Representation on any matter by students is to be presented through proper channel (Co-ordinator) to the Director.
Queries of students at the Institute office are permitted at " Lunch Break" on working days only.
Institute Library is to be used during the normal library timings (separately published notices will be displayed on the notice boards from time to time). Students are not to use library as a rest room. Absolute silence is to be maintained inside the library.
Students must behave politely with all the administrative and other staff of the Institute. It is moral responsibility of all students to co-operate with the teaching staff and others in maintaining decorum, so as to create conductive academic atmosphere in the Institute.
Smoking, Liquor, chewing tobacco, bittlenut, pan, mawa, kharra, gutka etc. are totally prohibited in the premises and within 200 meters of premises.
Student should not spit any where in the premises expect the wash basins. They should maintain the whole premises clean and in hygienic condition.